Mozambique Mosaic - The Material Culture of an African Nation
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The Magic of Makishi, Masks & Tradition in Zambia
CBC London, November 2005

The very essence of MAKISHI is the summoning and reincarnation through the medium of mask and costume, of a particular creature or kinship ancestor from the spirit world to perform specific functions amongst the living during important social and cultural events. Makishi reinforce ties with the past and reminds people of their history, culture and the role of the individual in society. Those makishi that feature prominently in the cultural life of the Luvale, Chokwe, Mbunda and Luchazi of north-western Zambia (and neighboring Angola and Congo) evoke powerful and vivid images of a fascinating culture and history.

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Rivers of Gold - Portuguese Expansion in S.E. Africa 16th - 19th century
Mambo Press, 1989

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Traditional African Art of Zimbabwe
ISBN No. 0-9515209-5-4
CBC Publishing
Soft cover – full-color – 80 pages

This is the first book in recent years to celebrate contemporary culture in Zimbabwe. This specialist book on African art will inspire an appreciation of the richness and depth of culture to be found in this beautiful Southern African country. Henrik Ellert is acknowledged as a leader in his field.

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The Material Culture of Zimbabwe
Longmans, 1984, 1995 6th edition.
The book was approved by the Zimbabwe Ministry of Education in 1983 and covers a wide range of ethnographic material. Reprinted in 1986, 1989, 1991 and 1993.

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